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The Craw by Oresteia Papachristou 

"It’s an encaustic painting on 2 wooden boards. There are seven figures connected to each other either by flesh or by meaning. The central figure makes two gestures. The one on the left is called "the scissors" in Indian gesture dance and symbolises the cut/divorce. The one on the left symbolizes the secret/the hiding. In the figure that there is up & right, the right hand [also in Indian gesture dance] symbolizes the offer and the young girl. In the figure that is down & right, the gesture symbolizes the male/man. The craw has two contradictory meanings as a symbol worldwide, is sick Ionos but also symbol of hope. The feather is a symbol of truth, justice, and morality."

Gag by Nicola Davison-Reed 

Strzyga by Mikołaj Rejs 

"Oldslavic demon with two souls in Her pocket swimming with protozoans"

Healing by Anna Maria Matykiewicz 

Asian Dream by Victor Landeta